Dramatic effect on scoring

The training gave us a better understanding of how the procurement process works
Consult Lift Services

ESTABLISHED in 1998, Paisley-based Consult Lift Services Ltd already had considerable experience in bidding for tenders before undertaking the ‘Submission Possible’ training. However Managing Director, Colin Edgar said company representatives attending the workshops were surprised to learn that small changes to phrases within submission answers brought about a “dramatic effect,” on their scoring.

 “The training gave us a better understanding of how the procurement process works and it reinforced to us that we have to be clearer in any answers we provide,” he said.

 “Following ‘Submission Possible, we have been able to train colleagues in tender writing and we now have a larger selection of stock answers to customise for individual submissions. Filling in tenders actually takes longer now as we use fewer generic answers.


“We have progressed through a prequalification stage in a tender with which we had previously not managed to succeed, mainly due to using the available words in an answer as a target, rather than a maximum, as demonstrated in the workshops.

 “We have won a tender, following the training, though price was also important in that particular case.”

To other companies considering the benefits of courses like ‘Submission Possible, Colin has this to say: “You may think you know how to complete the submissions, but as those analysing them are often not as expert as the author in the subject, this training reinforces and elaborates on the small changes you can make to clarify your intentions and obtain substantially higher results in future.”