Insight into Procurement Officers' expectations

By all accounts, we feel the training given in the workshops was extremely valuable to our company
Jim Mair Driver Training Ltd

“The ‘Submission Possible’ workshops carried out by Intend Business Development Ltd were very beneficial to us. One of the reasons we took part was because we had been doing so badly with our tenders.

“Before the training we found that when we made an application for tender, it was being rejected at the very first stage. The issue that we tended to struggle with most was terminology.

“Since ‘Submission Possible’ we are more well-versed in knowing what is being looked for in a tender and we are more comfortable with the whole process. By all counts, we feel the training given in the workshops we attended was extremely valuable to our company.

“We now have a better understanding of the procurement process, thanks to meeting procurement officers during ‘Submission Possible’. We found their explanation of what they look for in an application and how they score tenders was extremely helpful."

“Since we took part in the training in Kilmarnock, we find tenders take less time to complete and we have managed to progress further through prequalification.”