CSR Support Package

Our sister company Intend BV in the Netherlands is working with sustainability experts to develop a support package for companies interested in enhancing their CSR credentials.

The package includes two stages.

Stage 1: review of corporate & social responsibility initiatives and policies in the organisation and report on recommended actions to improve these or fill any gaps in provision. We build on the CSR strengths of your company and prepare a plan for future action.

Stage 2: a professional communication and marketing plan helps to share your CSR activities with your customers.

During this stage we will help to inspire and involve your staff.  It is our experience that your staff will even feel more motivated and proud to be part of the company.

If you wish, we can help you find the perfect match with relevant charities, employability schemes, environmental initiatives etc; A partnership arrangement will be agreed with a selected charity to provide funding and/or support in kind for an agreed annual programme. In return the charity will invest in the partnership with your company and help you use it to your own benefit. 

We are interested in piloting this approach in the UK - Please contact us if you would like more information.  Tel 07808 294981  enquiries@intend-eu.com