Business Development

Intend Business Development will help you to:

  • challenge your business strategies
  • fine tune your business development processes
  • work alongside your team to turn your competitive advantage into profitable business


We specialise in business development for public sector markets and commercial supply chains wherever there is a formal tendering system. Intend is one of just a few companies to work at international as well as national and local levels.


We also offer a range of complementary business development services:

  • help to raise your visibility and increase market share
  • consortium bidding
  • support for international business development and international projects
  • business plans
  • interim management

We can help!  Take a look at our complete Business Development services.


Increasing Market Share

Bidding for public sector contracts or applying to join commercial supply chains is a highly competitive process. With more and more contract opportunities being published on public portals, the number of suppliers willing and able to tender is also increasing.  So how do you rise above the crowd?

Increasing your public sector market presence needs a focused approach and smart tactics to raise your visibility in this crowded area. Intend will help you to:

  • register on all relevant portals and supplier databases
  • identify buyers and get on to their radar
  • create a company profile that clearly proves your credentials 
  • check out who's been winning work in your area and when the contracts come up for renewal
  • work with your team to develop a business development plan to increase your market share 


Working In A Consortium

Small businesses can access an entire new market by working with other like minded companies. Intend Business Development are on the official framework offering funded support to SMEs on how they can set up and successfully operate in a consortium.


International Business Development

Our directors developed their early careers in international bidding and contract management and can help you overcome the many barriers and simplfy the process. We are delighted to be able to operate internationally as this is a very specialist field not offered by many other procurement experts.


Business Plans

If you are moving into new markets or setting up a new venture, a good business plan will ensure that you are able to deliver the results you need.

Intend can support you at various stages of putting your plan together:

  • identify what needs to go into the Plan
  • help with market research on competitors or contract opportunities
  • support the writing and reviewing of the Plan
  • work with your team to ensure that everyone is engaged with the process


Interim Management

Don't get stuck if you are struggling for time or to find the right staff. Our completely tailored support can help your organisation keep on top of the tendering function and help bridge the gap within your team.