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Prominent public sector tender portals include Public Contracts Scotland (PCS),  Find A Tender Service (FTS), Contracts Finder, Proactis and Tenders Electronic Daily (TED).

Tender portals allow the tendering process to be more transparent and make it easier for suppliers to find opportunities. These portals are used to advertise local authority, central government, NHS, housing association and large contractor tenders.

In Scotland the main procurement portal for public sector tenders is PCS (Public Contracts Scotland).   You can also register your Supplier Finder Profile on PCS free of charge and be considered for lower value Quick Quotes work. 

Since Brexit, larger contracts in the UK (over £188K value approx.) can be found on a new government system called Find A Tender Service. The Proactis portal is also widely used by UK local authorities and housing associations. 

European and international tenders can be found on TED (Tenders Electronic Daily). It ensures that all countries follow the same guidelines and act as a central platform to access contracts available within the European Union. 

NHS tenders can be very high value. Each part of the UK has a different way of operating. NHS Scotland, NHS England, NHS Wales & NHS Northern Ireland spend billions every year and each has their own supply chain or national procurement portal. They all have information on their websites about how to become a supplier. Non-standard contracts may also be published on some of the other portals previously mentioned.

Call us for assistance in registering and setting up stand-out profiles on tender portals on 07808 294981

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Collaborate to Tender

Intend Business Development and Clerwood Legal explain how they work together with Cooperative Development Scotland (CDS) to offer training and one to one tendering support for organisations wishing to bid together for larger contracts.