Tender Support

Intend Business Development can help you at every stage of the often complex process of tendering.  Working with your team, we can make a real impact on your future contract successes.

Our expert team works across all business sectors on contracts of all sizes, both public sector and commercial.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • work on "live" tenders, Single Procurement Documents (SPD/ESPDs) and Quick Quotes
  • developing your tender library
  • reviewing past tender performance
  • preparation for tender interviews

Take a look at our Client Successes for examples of how we've helped clients improve their bidding performance.


Work On Live Tenders

We can work with you through the complete tender process from deciding if you should bid, registering on procurement portals, completing ITTs and producing your best tender documents. Our knowledge of exactly what the buyers are looking for ensures that you produce a high quality submission every time.


Tender Library

Planning in advance for your submissions can save you valuable time in the future and will improve the quality of your bids. The creation of a tender library will enable anyone within the organisation  to access the key information as and when required. Documents to develop include company policies, testimonials, contract lists, profiles of key staff & other management information. Often we can begin with a previous submission and aim to include everything you may need to write in an upcoming tender.


Tender Review

Whilst we are often engaged to offer an external perspective on a bid prior to submission we can also evaluate previous tenders. We would thoroughly go through all the completed documents giving precise feedback on its strengths and weaknesses and pointing out areas to develop and concentrate your future efforts on.


Tender Interview

Some tenders will also require you to go along and front a face to face presentation or take part in an interview session. Intend can assist you in preparing for this and in outlining the kind of further information you will need to provide.