Work On Live Tenders

Whether you are new to tendering or experienced, a fresh pair of eyes can help improve your bids. Intend Business Development provides confidential, expert help at any stage of your tender bidding process:

Review of your tender or PQQ content before submission

We will identify areas where we think your response can be improved and help you review and re-write the content in order to maximise your score. We will also make sure that your tender bidding submission is 100% compliant with the buyer’s requirements.

Tender Bidding & Management

We can work with your team to manage the whole process of tendering including the bid plan, win strategy, writing and reviewing content, submission and help with the feedback process. 

If your bid manager is on leave or you have a vacancy, Intend can provide an interim bid manager for short term cover to ensure your business does not miss valuable tendering opportunities through lack of resources.

People think we must be mad setting up a business to work on tenders and PQQs but I love it, especially when we get happy clients on the phone confirming that they've won a contract ...."  Gill Joy, Intend Director