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Intend Business Development Ltd Limited may retain and use personal information submitted by you via this site for the provision of services, marketing, administration, training or recruitment (in each case by Intend Business Development Ltd but not for such use by any other person) and we may disclose your information to our service providers and agents for these purposes. In submitting such information your consent to such uses is assumed unless you inform us otherwise in writing. You may do so at any time via this site or to Julia Scobie, c/o Henderson Black & Co, 22 Crossgate, Cupar, KY15 5HW, UK. 

Sometimes we may need to transfer your personal information to countries which do not provide the same level of data protection as the UK. In such cases we will put in place a confidentiality agreement with the recipient of the information.

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Collaborate to Tender

Intend Business Development and Clerwood Legal explain how they work together with Cooperative Development Scotland (CDS) to offer training and one to one tendering support for organisations wishing to bid together for larger contracts.