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"Looking back over the last couple of years, I'm not actually sure I'd still be trading without the two major contracts which Intend helped me secure."

Having tried a number of times to apply for public contracts, without success, Scott Lawrie of Form Access Scaffolding freely admits he found the process of completing applications, in the required format, “extremely daunting”.

Looking for help online, he came across Intend’s website and remembered an earlier call offering help with tender opportunities from Intend’s Owen. Paterson. Scott is convinced that call not only changed, but secured, his company’s future.

“Intend's understanding of the tender process made it look easy,” he recalls.

“The key thing for me was their input to the questions asked and their replies. If I’m honest I didn’t fully understand half the questions asked until I read through Intend’s replies! Working alongside Intend, with them asking for my feedback as a starting point, and Intend then completing the applications, was confidence building. I’d go as far to say Intend have made my understanding more complete and I now look at tenders differently and am less likely to run away from certain ones, knowing that intend are only a phone call away.   

“Looking back over the last couple of years, I’m not actually sure I’d still be trading without the two major contracts which Intend helped me secure. They helped improve our turnover and cash flow and raised our profile.

”Not only that but, the process of winning those contracts also helped me to deliver a more professional service to my clients and I feel more confident, going to meetings, knowing we have secured contracts based on hard work.”

“I would say to anyone: If you’re having difficulty, as I was, interpreting some tenders, the chances of winning a contract on offer - without Intend’s help - are extremely slim.”

“What’s the point of being the best at what you do, yet you find yourself, literally, suffering because you can’t complete a tender in a professional manner? It’s a no brainer! Intend are full of knowledge and expertise and they are excellent communicators.”