Bid Writing Consultants

Intend has a core team of procurement experts with many years’ experience in writing bids that get real results. If you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated bid team or are new to tendering, we can offer you practical support in order to fill in the gaps.

Engaging bid writing consultants will free up your time and help project manage the whole process whilst achieving the best outcome for your business. Many companies lack the resources and formal training so engage us to regularly manage this tendering process for them.

Writing bids can be a big undertaking. With Intend on hand you will be supported at all stages of the process and we will help you understand the specific areas in which you need to focus and improve. Effective planning and coordination of the bid will ensure that everything is on track and all aspects of the tender are fully compliant. Clients’ will quickly see a return on their investment as they secure new contracts.

For your best chance of winning your next bid call 07808 294981.

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Collaborate to Tender

Intend Business Development and Clerwood Legal explain how they work together with Cooperative Development Scotland (CDS) to offer training and one to one tendering support for organisations wishing to bid together for larger contracts.