Tender Interview Preparation

After making it through the evaluation stage you could be asked to attend an interview and provide a presentation. It may even make up part of the overall marks awarded. The tender interview usually follows a set format and you will be given guidance or an indication of the questions to answer beforehand. Establish where and when it will take place and how long the session will last.

Much like a job interview the more research and preparation you do the better the tender interview will go. Once you are clear of what is required and who will be on the panel you can decide who should be involved from your company. Everyone should fully understand your submission and be able to refer back to it as necessary. Focus on the needs of the buyer and use examples that evidence your past performance, technical capabilities and customer testimonials. 

Intend Business Development can assist businesses in preparing their team, pulling together the best point scoring information and creating a professional presentation in order to showcase their client’s credentials.

For professional help with your tender interview preparation call 07808 294981.

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Collaborate to Tender

Intend Business Development and Clerwood Legal explain how they work together with Cooperative Development Scotland (CDS) to offer training and one to one tendering support for organisations wishing to bid together for larger contracts.