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Director Intend BV

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Joeke is a specialist with over 20 years experience in the field of international procurement, programme management and EU funding. She founded Intend BV in 2006 to provide procurement and professional support for a wide range of organisations. She enjoys working as a temporary extension of your organization and moves easily across different levels within teams or with individual employees . She is an experienced interim manager and has a degree ( Cum Laude ) in Procurement Law .

Experienced international procurement advisor with an impressive track record in EU consultancy. Qualified in Procurement Law. Set up Intend BV in 2006 to provide professional tendering support services and help clients develop their business effectively.


 Joeke is a very pleasant and open person to work with , given her ability to easily adapt to different surroundings and her excellent listening skills . Delivering the highest quality and accurate work are important for her.  Joeke is articulate and stands with both feet on the ground . With her ​​on board , your chances of winning tenders or bringing in grants are significantly increased.        Peter Knip, VNG International 


 Years of experience in international business combined with her entrepreneurial apporach makes Joeke a valuable partner in complex sales cycles where a lot is at stake. As a sparring partner in our strategic development, Joeke is well atuned to our specific business environment and associated challenges. Her integrity and diligence make her an ideal partner.  Jeroen Koster, Program Director / Account Manager , de Baak


Her clients get all the benefits of an innovative approach with the assurance that assignments will be delivered on time and within budget".