Owen Paterson

Consultant & Trainer

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Public Sector Markets

An experienced public sector buyer for over 25 years, Owen is now helping suppliers improve their tendering performance and enjoys being "on the other side of the fence".  MCIPS qualified, he has a detailed knowledge of public procurement rules and procedures. Through his great communication skills,  he turns this somewhat dry subject into engaging, practical training workshops. 

Owen has held several senior positions in local authority procurement organisations including Purchasing Manager and Head of Procurement Services for the Authorities Buying Consortium (1987 – 2008) and Head of Relationship Management at Scotland Excel (2008 – 2010).

Owen maintains strong communications links with procurement contacts at both local authority and Scottish Government level and has led marketing and communications projects as well as procurement exercises. This “all round” expertise and knowledge enables him to work effectively with business teams. 

Owen spoke very well and welcomed any questions. He gave us lots of information to fully utilise the PCS website, especially company profile and searching for contacts. 'Making Public Contracts Scotland Work For You' workshop


The workshop was really worthwhile - Owen presented very well.  'Submission Possible' training